Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

The Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) has been established in 1959 at the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra. In the long history it has produced more than 17 000 graduates including several doctoral graduates.

The mission of the faculty is to provide students with high education in Economics, Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking, International Trade, Policy Analysis, as well as in Law, Informatics and Quantitative Methods. In education FEM stresses both solid theoretical backgrounds based on the latest scientific theories and providing students with practical skills.

According to a comprehensive university survey conducted by an independent Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA), Faculty of Economics and Management is the best Economic and Management faculty in Slovakia.

The faculty consists of 11 departments and 3 centres:

Department of Economics

Department of Finance

Department of Economic Policy

Department of Accountancy

Department of Informatics

Department of Management

Department of Marketing and Trade

Department of Mathematics

Department of Languages

Department of Social Science

Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Centre of Information Technologies

Center for Pedagogy and Psychological Consultancy at FEM

Center for Research and Educational Projects

Academic officials:


prof. Dr. Ing. Elena HORSKÁ


Vice- deans

doc. Ing. Zuzana KAPSDORFEROVÁ, PhD. Vice-dean for Science and Research


doc. Ing. Jozef REPISKÝ, CSc. Vice- dean for Education


prof. Ing. Iveta UBREŽIOVÁ, CSc., Vice-dean for International Research and Educational Programs


doc. Ing. Natália TURČEKOVÁ, PhD., Vice-dean for International Affairs and Public Relations


Ing. Patrik ROVNÝ, PhD., Vice-dean for Development


Contact person:

doc. Ing. Natália TURČEKOVÁ, PhD. Vice- dean for International Affairs


Tel.: +421/37/6415897

Faculty Scientific Journal: 

Review of Agricultural and Applied Economics (RAAE)