Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences (FBFS) deals with knowing, understanding and managing biological, technological and economic sciences specializing in modern processes of food production. Faculty educates professionals in fields of processing plant and animal products, technology of food preparation, biotechnologies, applied biology and professionals who control food quality and safety. Since its establishment in 2002, faculty has prepared 1 361 graduates on the 2nd degree and 107 graduates on the 3rd degree including foreign students.

In 2010 faculty has founded Center of Excellence for white- green biotechnology in cooperation with Slovak Academy of Sciences. The aim of the center is to improve biotechnological research, create conditions for international cooperation on scientific projects and educate PhD students by improving available materials and technology.

The faculty consist of 7 departments:

Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Animal Physiology

Department of Evaluation and Processing of Animal Products

Department of Food Hygiene and Safety

Department of Microbiology

Department of Storing and Processing of Plant Products

Academic officials:


prof. Ing. JÁN TOMÁŠ, CSc.


Vice- deans

prof. RNDr. ALENA VOLLMANOVA, PhD. Vice- dean for Education 


doc. Ing. ADRIANA KOLESÁROVÁ, PhD. Vice- dean for Research


prof. Ing. MIROSLAVA KAČÁNIOVÁ, PhD. Vice- dean for International Affairs


prof. Ing. NORBERT LUKÁČ, PhD. Vice- dean for Development


Chairwoman of Academic Senate



Contact person:

prof. Ing. Miroslava Kačániová, PhD. Vice- dean for International Affairs


Tel.: +421/37/6414494


Faculty Scientific Journal:

Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences